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Return-to-Work Programs

The Challenges

Employees off work for 6 months have less than a 50% chance of ever returning to the work place. There is a 40% chance a worker will miss work the entire year if they miss four to twelve weeks of work.

The Solution

DMG can assist you with developing and implementing a program to facilitate early return-to-work and reap the many benefits of this “win-win” practice.

Our program includes:

Analysis of existing jobs to extract potential temporary task assignments

Survey of departments to identify additional "miscellaneous" tasks that may be appropriate for productive temporary task assignments.

Analysis of the physical demands of all tasks identified

Development of a simple-to-use matrix tool used to compare an employee’s temporary restrictions with the physical demands of available transitional tasks

Development of a "tool kit" of forms and procedures that fit your needs including:

  • Documentation of employee’s temporary work restrictions
  • Transitional Task Description
  • Transitional Task Assignment Agreement
  • Flow chart of process
  • Supervisor Checklist
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Training on procedures and documentation, including troubleshooting

Ongoing support to ensure program success and effectiveness


Reduction in costs with RTW


Decrease in days off work


Loss in company productivity WITHOUT RTW programs

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