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Job Descriptions and Job Analyses

Job descriptions are a “must-have” tool for employers in nearly every aspect of employment, including:

Identifying reasonable accommodations under disability law

Compliance with wage & hour law

Recruiting and hiring qualified employees

Setting job and performance expectations

Conducting performance evaluations

Reassigning job functions during lay-offs and restructuring


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For most employers, putting together and maintaining these key documents can be a daunting task. DMG has extensive experience preparing detailed, accurate and compliant job descriptions. We skillfully identify the essential job functions, along with the job qualifications and physical/mental job demands so that once completed, the job description will be a critical tool in the decisions and actions you make as an employer.

Our detailed job analysis process allows us to gather the information needed without being disruptive to your daily operations.

Whether you need a job description for one of your jobs or for all of them, DMG is available to assist you with this process.

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