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At DMG, quality service and customer satisfaction are our two primary objectives. Our goal is to create positive solutions resulting in cost savings and legal compliance for employers and insurers, while at the same time help employees stay on the job and continue to work productively, in a safe and healthy manner.

Thank you to all of those who attended our recent “Job Accommodations and the Interactive Process” training. Listen to what attendees had to say about the program:
“Roberta is absolutely amazing. I rarely feel that seminars are worth the time I take away from work, but this was an absolute exception.  Wow — huge take aways and top notch content. Thank you”
“Excellent and thorough training. I really appreciate the “Tool Kit” of forms and resources. Best training I have been to. A LOT of information, but at a good pace and held my interest all day”
“I am so glad I attended — I learned so much!”
“Loved all the case studies and real-life examples”
“Kept me thoroughly engaged all day which I very much appreciated”
From the program evaluations completed by attendees:
  • 100% of attendees agreed that the program allowed them to acquire practical skills and knowledge that they can apply to the work that they do.
  • 96% of attendees felt the speaker’s capacity to hold their interest was “Very good” or higher.

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Job Accommodations and the “Interactive Process”

October 24th, 2017 – 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
San Ramon Valley Conference Center


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For safety, comfort and productivity, the right fit between the employee and the tools and space they use to do their job is critical.

Return-To-Work Programs

There are numerous studies showing the benefits of early return to work and the statistics make it clear that early intervention is the key.

Job Accommodations

Employers are required under State and Federal disability laws to consider reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.


DMG offers training programs throughout the year to help support employers with job descriptions, job accommodations, exempt/non-exempt classifications and ergonomics.

Job Descriptions & Job Analysis

Job Descriptions are a "must-have" tool for employers in nearly every aspect of employment.

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What people say about DMG

Two of our Disability Management Analysts attended Roberta's training last week. One is a seasoned DM/WC analyst; the other one is new in our unit but is a seasoned HR and Employee Relations analyst. Both could not have said enough great things about Roberta's training. They couldn't wait to tell me about it this morning! They were just raving (and I mean RAVING) about how great she was; how she spoke for the entire day and remained engaging and energetic; and how they were absorbing everything Roberta said!

Cecilia Quiambao

Absence and Disability Program Manager

I just want to thank you again for your time and invaluable contributions to our department. Our Disability Accommodations Committee President was blown away by your comprehensive, informative presentation (on Reasonable Accommodations and the Interactive Process), and very pleasant and professional oratory skills.

Savia Baron

Interactive Process / Reasonable Accommodations Facilitator

Roberta delivered customized training for our HR team on how to deal with the ins-and-outs of the employees and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The training was very on-point, and Roberta definitely came to the table with a lot of subject matter expertise. We were able to ask questions about specific situations, and Roberta was very generous with her knowledge and experience in her responses.

Terri Shultis

Vice President Human Resources, Golden Gate University

After attending a conference and listening to a presentation by Roberta, I knew she would be a great resource for our entire team. Our organization brought her in to provide advanced training and all were thoroughly impressed. Roberta's approach to the interactive process and reasonable accommodations was clear and refreshing. Her knowledge and expertise from the basics to even the most unusual situations was extremely helpful. We are happy to have her as a resource.

Gabrielle Daniel

Claims Analyst, Keenan

DMG Headquarters

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